Welcome to my World of Automation


This is an official website of my activities as the university professor and the publisher.

You will find here my research-results and my books to the different fields of automation:

  • Feeback Control of Closed Loops
  • MIMO-Control (Multi-Input Multi Output)
  • PLC (Programmable Logic Control)
  • Simulation
  • Safety of Systems and Products
  • Visualisation
  • Computational Intelligence  

I want to take your attention to the series of books called "Scince-non-Fiction", in which the new scientific theory of antisystems is described in a funny and fantastic form.  

You also will find here stories about Inspector Holland and some poems, published by Michael Kosttin in german, english, russian by Verlag Dr. Zacher.

In his documentation "Die gelöschte Webseite" (The deleted website) presents Siegfried Auer my activities at universities of applied sciences from 1993 till 2008.  

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Even if the book-shops annonce that a book is not avialable, you can get it by us.

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Some files like scripts, presentations, preprints or automation-letters are safed with passwords, which have standard price of 10 €.  

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