Bus-Approach for Feedback MIMO-Control

New Method of Design for multivariable Systems

von Serge Zacher

ISBN 978-3-937638-24-9

This is not ordinary book About feedback control. This is an invitation to follow the autor to the new point of view at the well known feedback control. In the book is proposed to draw the block diagram of a feedback control as a bus instead of drawing it as a closed loop. Such bus representation of a closed loop is a tool, which allows to solve many problems of the MIMO-control (multivariable control), – and to solve them very effective! – using the classical transfer function representation of plants and controllers.
For a simple control loop with only one controlled value (chapter 1) the bus-approach has not many advantages against traditional block diagram. But the use of the bus-approach for MIMO-Control has many advantages. In chapters 2 and 3 the MIMO-systems are first described with traditional methods, known in the literature. In the chapters 4 and 5 are shown, how to apply the bus-approach to the MIMO-control.
In the chapter 6 are developed and introduced new kind of MIMO-control blocks, so called Routers, by which the decoupling takes place for each controlled variable independ-ent of other neighbour variables. As far the bus-approach with MIMO-routers opens a door to a new generation of MIMO-control systems.

 Verlag Dr. Zacher, Wiesbaden, 2014. 





Dr.-Ing. Serge Zacher worked for chemical industry engineering and was professor of automation at various universities. From 1992 till 2008 he was professor of automation at University of Applied Sciences Wiesbaden (actually RheinMain-University). He published 150 research papers and 4 patents.

At present Dr. Zacher is visiting lecturer (Lehrbeauftragter) at University of Applied Sciences (Hochschule) Darmstadt, Technical University of Applied Sciences (Technische Hochschule) Bingen and Baden-Wuertemberg Cooperative State University (DHBW) Mannheim.